Top SECRET! Name code GESARA. The declaration of independence of the world

Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship

Meet The New Legitimate King of England?

Ripple's Xumm Banking App Will Soon Be Ready for Mass Adoption

Petition to Enact NESARA Now For All Of Humanity

Trump's Fed Nominee Advocates a Gold-Backed Currency, Even a Crypto One

Scientist Behind The Navy's "UFO Patents" Has Now Filed One For A Compact Fusion Reactor

Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread

The Black Pope is dead! Adolfo Nicolas, former superior general of Jesuits, dies in Japan

Quantum-Language saved the world in 1999

Joseph Gregory Hallett the Mashiach-Christ-Messiah & King of England

Global Monetary System, As You Know It, Ended. Coming Gold Rush Will Be Epic

BLACK POPE, LUCIFER and the Jesuits

Space Force flag unveiled in Oval Office, presented to Trump

Visa Files Patent For Blockchain Digital Fiat Currency

Cryptocurrency Market Reactions to Regulatory News

IMF Debt forgiveness for 25 poorest countries

Welcome to Blockchain, Federal Reserve!

Gold price up as Fed begins historic ETF purchase program

Bill Gates arrested hoax

Crop circles are models for generating free energy

Cosmic gravitational energy antigravity flying saucer patent

Queen may never return to royal duties

He got caught OBAMAGATE

Countries With Largest Gold Reserves. Philippines number one

Trump vows 'transition to greatness' in meeting with GOP lawmakers

Crypto-Currency Act of 2020

Quantum vacuum free energy extraction patent

XRP the Ripple force in the Federal Reserve projects

Ripple XRP joins ISO 20022 The Global Payment Standard

The return to the golden age. The gold standard will rise again

Congress letter to encourage the Treasury to utilize blockchain and DLT

H.R.5404, a bill to define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold

China testing digital yuan in four cities

Patent WO2020060606 cryptocurrency system using body activity data

President Donald J. Trump is Establishing America's Space Force

Fed to print 9.5 trillion and buy all the gold in the world

CEOs resigning conspiracy theory

Motions to charge with attempted genocide and fake pandemic

COVID-19 biggest political hoax in history

Donald Trump nationalized the Federal Reserve

Executive Order on Ordering the Selected Reserve of the Armed Forces to Active Duty

AIDS Cure Patent US 5676977

Donald Trump issued a secret presidential memorandum to Declassify Anti-aging & Free Energy Technologies

White House petitions For Investigations Into The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Donald Trump to abolish the Federal Reserve

Donald Trump Injecting disinfectant sarcastic joke

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