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1. associates to self-awareness, leadership, and personal resourcefulness
2. relates to conscious recognition, duality, and emotional feeling
3. encompasses self-creativity, an extrovert tendency, and self-starting initiative
4. projects a logical, practical, and material world understanding
5. exemplifies learning, tolerance, and the ability to adapt
6. is theoretical, imaginative, and often abstract
7. focuses on time, self-discipline, and a connection to spirituality
8. relies on balance, the unconscious mind, and material transformation
9. is for divine love, completion, and Karma

What is numerology?

Numerology has importance to predicts the forecast of a person.
Nature of a person, Radical number and important days, dates, year, lucky color, lucky gemstone, and favorable career can be predicted through these numerology predictors.
Predictions from these widgets are based on the date of birth.
These tools find out the radical number and predict accordingly.


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